Riding through body, mind & spirit

Mara Sekre Getting upMara Sekre ridingDiscover the feeling of riding your horse bareback and still perform dressage.

Find new ways to interact with your horse on the basis of friendship, connection and joy.

Mara Zimmerli and Petra Webstein joined forces to give you a complete new experience when riding and interacting with your horse. Learn new things to refresh the relationship.

- Circus Tricks
- Spanish step is fun to learn for every pony/horse
- Compliment, lie down and sit will bring more colour in to your every day training.
- Riding with neck ring
- We will accompany you trough the steps from saddle and bridle riding to ride without them
- Discover the ability to develop your intuition. When the horse becomes the teacher ...


Take the opportunity to book a private lesson with Mara and Petra, only available from the 14th February 2014 through to 3rd March 2014.

Costs: $100 per session & contribution to travel costs, please enquire here and let us know where you would like to have your session and we can work out the travel costs.

Would you like to spread the word? Please download a flyer for your perusal here.

If you are interested to increase your balance and focus, why not come along for a fun and inspiring workshop on the slackline. More info here ...


“The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears.” Arabian proverb


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firehorse dancing with my horses