Horse Human Energy Consultation

Horse Human Energy Consultation

Petra is specialising at looking at energy between a human and his/her horse. Often if there are problems, it can be felt or seen. 

Her job is then to guide the owner to change his/her energy and then the result together with the horse can be different.

She is not talking about learning a different technique to "control" the horse but a genuine approach to a better connection through understanding, co-operation and trust.

Cost: AU$150.00 per session

So if you like to experience a different approach with your horse, ring or email Petra for an appointment.

Wanting more time - a special treat (Currently not delivering this service)

You are invited to come with your horse to Petra's place. There is a beautiful arena which will enable us to work together for a longer period of time or twice a day. You will be able to stay overnight in your own room and your horse can have its own safe paddock and if needed stable over night. 

Included is a continental breakfast for you but please bring the food for your animal friend.

Cost: $350.00 per day

For more information or make a booking, please ring or email Petra for an appointment.

“Standing in front of a horse at liberty creates a space where you can meet yourself.” Petra Webstein


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